Flight Essentials: What are the best travel accessories to bring on a flight?


The only item guaranteed to get to your final destination with you is your carry-on bag. With so many things to pack, in-flight comfort items sometimes get forgotten while rushing to the airport. At Products on the Go, Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter, founder and Chief Executive Officer assembled a stylish in-flight comfort kit called the Travel Accessory ReadyPack. Most domestic airlines allow you to bring one personal item such as a backpack, purse, or briefcase and The ReadyPack fits in all of the above. It includes everything you need for a comfortable flight and to arrive in style and refreshed.

Inflight Travel Kit Essentials: What is in Products on the Go Travel Accessory ReadyPack?

  • Plush Inflatable Neck Pillow

Flying at its best can be stressful and Products on the Go Travel Accessory ReadyPack includes a plush biodegradable TPU inflatable neck pillow. Our plush u-shaped designed neck pillow is simple, compact, and comfortable. Our biodegradable neck pillow does not take up much space in our ReadyPack. Traveling takes a toll on our bodies and being exhausted with a strained neck is the last thing you want after reaching your destination. Our stylish, plush, and compact neck pillow offers you the neck support you need allowing you to rest easy and arrive refreshed. Our compact, travel comfort kit, the Travel Accessory ReadyPack includes one (1) biodegradable TPU inflatable neck pillow.

  • 100% Cotton Luxury Eye Mask

Having an eye mask for your flight, having a luxury 100% cotton eye mask is an in-flight essential. Travelling takes a toll on our body and getting rest while in-flight is essential to arriving at your destination refreshed and energized. Using a sleep mask while in-flight will help you rest, get to sleep faster, and most importantly stay asleep. Our luxury 100% cotton eye mask cover bother eyes, blocking all incoming light and in-flight distractions inducing a state of pure darkness. Our comfortable eye masks utilize an elasticated strap to gently hold the mask on your head and let you rest, sleep, and dream. Made from high-quality cotton, our eye mask can be washed by hand and used time and time again.

  • High-Quality Earbud Headphones with Microphone

If you are a frequent flyer, you know you need headphones that serve you well during long and short flights as well as time spent at the airport. Our headphones with microphone are perfect to meet both your in-flight needs and your time in the airport. Modern airplanes and busy airports are often very noisy. With airplane travel at all-time highs airports are filled with a steady stream of people, the airplane cabins are filled with messages, crying children, and of course the hum of the airplane engine, the included headphones are perfect for blocking out the background noise and enjoying your favorite movie or a new playlist with your favorite songs. The earbuds are designed with the active traveler in mind. The headphone that comes with the Travel Accessory ReadyPack are light weight and highly durable. Finally, with the microphone, you are ready to call your loved ones or business partners upon landing. 

  • Fresh Breath with our in-flight gum

Lastly, our Travel Accessory ReadyPack includes two packs of gum. One pack for in-flight and one pack for when you land. Chewing gum is one trusted method used to combat the painful sensation in your inner ear when the cabin pressure changes. Then, upon landing, you always want fresh breath whether you are seeing family or going to a business meeting.

  • Clean with confidence

Airports are notorious for germs. Our Travel Accessory ReadyPack includes a biodegradable hand sanitizing wipe to clean your hands or face.

The Travel Accessory ReadyPack contains every in-flight comfort item for a long or short trip whether by land, sea, or air. View our complete line of stress relieving luxury prepackaged natural products from Products on the Go.


First Class Experience on the Go: 8 Ways to Arrive in Style and Comfort

First Class Experience on the Go

Most frequent flyers will tell you, the key to making travel efficient is all in the planning. From making reservations well in advance, allowing yourself plenty of time to navigate through security, to packing smart, the best way to take some of the stress out of traveling is to plan ahead as much as possible. Here is a series of expert tips to ensure your travel experience is first class all the way, no matter where you’re headed.

  1. Avoid extra fees. Plan ahead if you are checking a bag, or ensure your carry on meets FAA and airline requirements and size restrictions. Use your smartphone as your boarding pass to avoid printing fees (and save trees), pay in advance and find coupons to save on Wi-Fi. Generally, if you purchase Wi-Fi before you board your flight, it can cost significantly less than if you wait until you reach your seat.
  2. B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Food!). Nothing puts a damper on the thrill of a getaway faster than a soggy sandwich that costs $12. For the sake of convenience and cost effectiveness, bring along your favorite snacks to avoid becoming “hangry” and/or poor. A great combo is a homemade salad to nosh on while waiting at the gate, and then a bag of almonds and some fancy chocolates to enjoy in-flight. Think of it this way, if you’re bringing something healthy from home, you won’t feel so bad splurging on an airport treat like fro-yo, a smoothie, or a gigantic cinnamon roll with that amazing gooey glaze that you can’t get at home. It’s okay to indulge; you’re on vacation, after all.
  3. Drink up. Bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it up at a drinking fountain on the way to your gate. Not only is it better for the environment, but you will be happy and hydrated while wait to board the aircraft, take off, reach your cruising altitude, and wait again until the beverage cart finally reaches you. Plus, staying hydrated helps fight off jet lag so you’re ready to start the fun as soon as you touch down at your destination.
  4. Invest in a good travel pillow. You can get some quality shut eye in those economy seats, but only with the right gear. If you want to avoid neck pain, a quality neck pillow is key. Pro-tip: an eye mask makes a great compliment to a neck pillow for the most restful sleep. It’s a wearable do not disturb sign.
  5. Don’t leave home without earphones. Earphones are right up there on the list with your wallet and your kid. If you inadvertently leave on of those behind, the rest of your trip will surely be a disaster. Seriously, you need earphones for air travel for a variety of reasons: to drown out noise that may interfere with your travel zen, to send the message to your seat neighbor that you’re not interested in hearing why they were in Memphis, and of course to catch a movie or some in-flight TV. The possibilities are endless, but only if you have earphones!
  6. Be strategic when selecting a seat. Whether you’re a nervous flyer, someone with a tiny bladder, or just looking for some peace and quiet, there’s a seat that’s perfect for you. If you are a person who will need to get up a few times during the flight, or you’re tall, then an aisle seat will allow you to get up as much as possible without disrupting other passengers. Travel and Leisure recommends choosing a seat forward on the wings, for a quieter ride with less jet noise. If you have a connection to make, a seat closest to the front is your best bet for quickly getting off a flight and on to the next.
  7. Get Cozy. Don’t forget to bring a scarf, sweater or cozy sweatshirt (style tip: pairs well with eye-mask for chic travel affect) or even a blanket to keep warm, particularly at higher altitudes. Socks are nice to have, too and can make all the difference.
  8. Bring along some toiletries. The recycled air and lack of ventilation can really take a toll on your skin. Be sure to bring along a small spray bottle of water, some light moisturizer, lip balm, and gum. This is the perfect combination to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

Travel is about exploration, expansion, and experience. Get out there and enjoy yourself in comfort and style, ready for anything – because you live life on the go!