3 Awesome Travel Products For Moms w/ Little Ones

3 Awesome Travel Products When Your Child Poops

Originally posted on November 30, 2017 by Local Mom Scoop here.

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Have you ever traveled with your baby and experienced the dreaded diaper blow out?

With my first child, I remember being on our first car trip in the North Carolina mountains. From the front seat, I can hear a curdling sound coming from my daughter’s pants. Then the fumes began to take over. Before I knew it, she yells poopy.

Not only did she go poop, but it was a full blow out. It shot up her back, out of her pants and all of the car set.

When we pulled over, I found my diaper bag to be totally disorganized. The wipes were in one spot, the diaper cream was in another and I totally forgot to pack the changing pad. My husband and I were panicking as you do with your first baby.

Finally, there are actual Travel products that make those blowouts and other travel situations so much easier for you and your baby.

Products On The Go created Little Toes On The Go Diaper Changing Sets. Here are 3 travel products when your child poops!

1. POOP HAPPENS Complete Diaper Sets

These diaper sets come in either one complete diaper set or 3 Complete Diaper Change Sets. It’s just what you need as an ON THE GO mom or dad.



The one set includes:

1 Natural Bamboo Baby Diaper – Available in sizes S-L
2 Natural Diaper Rash Cream Packet
1 Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet (10 wipes included)
1 Biodegradable Hand Sanitizing Wipe
1 Disposable Diaper Changing Pad


Use the bag to dispose of all the poop. Throw this in your purse, diaper bag or center console of your car.


2. POOP HAPPENS SWIMMY STYLE One Complete Diaper Change Set & Sun Care

If you’re traveling to a tropical destination like South Florida, this is the perfect diaper set for your bag. Bring it to the resort and keep in the pool cabana. Throw it in the beach bag or leave a spare at grandma’s house.

The set includes:

1 Swim Diaper
1 Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet (10 wipes)
1 Biodegradable Hand Sanitizing Wipe
1 Disposable Diaper Changing Pad
1 Natural Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen (2 oz.)


3. LOTTA POOP 3 Complete Diaper Change Sets in a fabric case

The Lotta Poop fabric case is perfect for traveling on a plane, in a car or even a cruise.


This slim profile, fabric bag holds everything you need for three complete diaper changes. Add a notebook or tablet, pacifiers, teething toy or a phone charger. “This kit is more than ready to pull double duty when diaper duty is also part of life on the go.”

3 Natural Bamboo Baby Diapers – Sizes S-L

6 Natural Diaper Rash Cream Sachets
1 Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet (20 wipes included)
3 Biodegradable Hand Sanitizing Wipes
3 Disposable Diaper Changing Pads

Comes in small, medium and large.



Bamboo needs very little water to grow and uses less space than cotton to farm. Bamboo is harvested in plantations and never picked from forests, so no animal habitats are impacted. Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton and biodegrades in around two weeks. They’re 100% Chlorine Free, No Alcohol, free of phthalates, and no latex

• Made from 100% Bamboo Fiber • 100% Biodegradable • No Colorants/Dyes • Hypoallergenic & PABA/Paraben Free • No Artificial Fragrances or Perfume • No Chlorine • Gluten Free • No Harmful Chemical Used in Processing


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4 Must-Haves for Holiday Travel with Babies


Ho Ho WHOA!! If you’re traveling with a baby this holiday season, that’s what you’ll be saying when you see how much extra STUFF you often find yourself packing for that tiny little one! Who knew such a small creature could require so much gear?

Trying to prepare yourself for a day-trip can be daunting, and a week away can be completely overwhelming. So, we’ve prepared some must-have travel gear to ease the chaos and try to help you be more prepared.

1) Diaper Dash – Pre-packaged diaper changing kits

For on the plane or in the car, you often have a diaper bag full of diapers, a container of wipes, bottles of diaper cream and your changing pad. You have to lug all that gear to the restroom (or another makeshift changing area) along with your baby, take all items out of the bag and find a place to set the bag in that bathroom (remember – all those bathroom germs will be carried around with you afterwards, too). Afterwards, you have to pick up the unused items, including that nasty changing pad, and place them back in your germ-covered bag. Products on the Go and Little Toes have invented pre-packaged diaper changing kits. The kits are eco-friendly, biodegradable, all-natural and include bamboo diapers and cloths, all-natural diaper cream and a disposable changing pad. So, once you’ve cleaned and changed your baby, you simply toss the rest in the garbage. No hassle for you and great for your baby and the planet. Order prepackaged diaper changing kits to make your life happier.

These contain everything you’ll need for a changing, taking the guesswork out of attempting to make sure you’ve brought absolutely everything you’ll need.

2) Caregiver Guidelines – Write a list of items a caregiver should know

Allergies? Picky eater? When Grandma gets her turn to be in charge of the kids, she needs to know these things. Don’t set caregivers up to fail – the best way to share what you think could be potential issues is to write them down and go over the list with the caregiver. Put the list in clear sight and easily accessible. This also works with ground rules. Kids will push boundaries, especially with the people that are most likely to spoil them. Writing down necessary information can put and keep everyone on the same page.

3) Prepare for Fun – Get swimmy diapers and sunscreen before you go

If you live where it’s snowing during these winter months, you may forget that tropical climate does exist — especially where grandparents tend to live. Swimmy diapers and sunscreen aren’t exactly on your mind while you’re in 40-degree weather. If you’re headed South, you’ll likely have access to water parks, swimming pools and the ocean. And because these items are seasonal, you can’t be sure you’ll find them easily at a local retail store, so look to order them online. You can have them shipped to you in advance, or even send them in advance to where you’re staying so you don’t have to have the added gear.

Instead of buying a whole pack of swimmy diapers (that you know your little one will be grown out of by summer), you can purchase a package that contains everything you’d need for a day in the sun. These items are also all-natural and planet-friendly, so you can feel good about putting them on your baby’s sensitive skin. Ordering these grab-n-go day-in-the-sun packages will cut also down on wasted swimmy diapers and ensures you have high-quality natural sunscreen at the ready.

4) Extra Lovies – Order extras of the items your kids love the most

Poochie, Lamby, Blanky — whatever kids call them, these little creatures have been dubbed full-fledge members of your family! And outings and travel can wreak havoc if that dear lovie gets lost. You might even be tempted to dial 9-1- 1 for assistance on finding lovie to avoid tantrums and sleepless nights. If possible, find a duplicate and order several of them. eBay can sometimes be a great outlet for a discontinued toy. Keep a couple at home and bring a couple for the road. Always have one in a safe spot (like the top of the closet at home) where junior can’t access it, but you can in an emergency. You can even try to encourage your little one to fall in love with several lovies (this works best the younger your child is), so if one is missing, another one is an easy substitute. If you’re traveling and lovie goes missing, it could make for a VERY long trip, so stock up early!

Need more great travel products and baby goods? Feel free to visit http://products-onthego.com or look for our products on Amazon.

Happy Holidays!
Dr. Sharon