Why Choose Our Diapers

Our diapers are naturally hypoallergenic, 100% free of chlorine, alcohol, perfumes, latex, PVC, TBT, antioxidants phthalates or preservatives.
Our diapers are 100% biodegradable, made from natural, renewable, bamboo fibers that decompose with soil and sunlight in just 180 days.

Little Toes is among the few natural diaper companies that use 100% natural bamboo fibers for both the diapers and baby wipes.

Competitors such as Honest, 7th Generation and more recently Pampers natural diaper line Pure, use corn, cotton, sugar cane and other plant-based materials, for their natural eco-friendly diapers and wipes.

Although these are all safe and eco-friendly materials, Little Toes diapers use bamboo fibers, due to the many health, safety, and environmental benefits, attributed to this material.

Bamboo fibers are super soft. They are organically smooth and round without chemical treatment, meaning no sharp spurs or harsh chemicals that may irritate the baby’s skin.

Bamboo is 70% more absorbent then cotton.
Bamboo wicks moisture away from the body and keeps babies 100% drier than cotton.

Bamboo permits fresh air to circulate which allows the baby’s skin to remain dry and comfortable in any temperature. It is more breathable than cotton.

Bamboo also has excellent natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Cotton does not.

Bamboo reduces or eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, making it perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

  • I am so excited about Little Toes!!! All-natural bamboo diapers and wipes that are oh so soft, inside and out! There isn’t another natural diaper out there this soft! The baby wipes are not only soft but they smell so good and are soothing to my baby’s bottom! I have 4 children and have been purchasing natural diapers for 8 years and finally one that is better than all of them and affordable! These diapers are less expensive than the rest! Did I mention their swimmy diapers! Our kids love the water and these are perfect! Thank you Little Toes

    Mary Reeder
  • It is so important to find the right diapers that are also eco-friendly and I really believe this brand is has it all! I truly couldn’t recommend more

    Ari Marie
  • I absolutely LOVE this new product! The diapers are super soft and absorbent! The wipes are also just as soft. The diaper rash cream is a great consistency and healed my newborn’s diaper rash in a few days. I won’t use anything else

    Donna Marchione