A slew of factors go into picking a diaper that will work for your infant. Will it cause a rash? Does it absorb enough liquid? Does it fit correctly? As a parent, you consider all of these questions before strapping just any ol’ diaper on your child.

Parents are bombarded with countless options—both in-store and online—leaving many to settle between the convenience of disposable diapers and the eco-friendly, organic nature of cloth diapers. Fortunately, there’s an option that incorporates both!  

Here are four great reasons to choose disposable bamboo diapers:

Bamboo diapers absorb more liquid than cotton fabric

A diapers main purpose is to store your little bundle of joy’s fluids inside, and keep it there until changing time. Compared to cotton fabric, bamboo diapers absorb and retain nearly twice as much liquid according to the Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile. They keep your baby’s bum and surrounding areas mess-free, while your toddler stays drier (and happier) longer.

Bamboo diapers are chemical-free

Bamboo diapers are free from chlorine, alcohol, preservatives, latex, perfumes, lotions and phthalates—gone are the days of worrying about the purity of what you’re putting on your baby. Unfortunately, most disposable diapers contain dioxins, a byproduct of bleaching the diaper white. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) categorizes dioxins as a highly carcinogenic chemical. Products on the Go bamboo diapers are made using total chlorine-free (TCF) fluff pulp bleaching techniques.

Bamboo diapers are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic (capable of inhibiting the growth or reproduction of bacteria)

Ensuring there is no bacteria between your baby’s kicks, wiggles, and squirms can be difficult. Often, the sheer challenge of getting a new diaper on leaves little time to get little nooks and crannies squeaky clean. With bamboo diapers, you can rest assured that whatever is going on inside the garment is as pure as possible—lowering the risk of rashes, irritation, and allergies.

Bamboo diapers are biodegradable

Regular disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose—that’s a big carbon footprint. Opting for cloth diapers might seem like the better option, but doing so adds another layer of work to parents’ already tall pile of to-dos. Disposable bamboo diapers decompose in about 75 days, allowing parents the convenience of disposable while staying friendly to the Earth.  

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