Love on the Go: Intimacy Kits Made Easy

intimacy sets

Love on the Go features an innovative way to help bring intimacy into couples lives. As a distinguished clinical psychologist, Dr. Sharon saw over time that many couples struggle with intimacy in their relationship. “I saw a real need in my patients lives, and I wanted to come up with a creative and convenient way to help them bring intimacy and happiness back into their relationships,” Dr. Sharon. This passion and care for others lead her to create the Love on the Go intimacy kits and all of the products in the Products on the Go® line.

“We’ve all been there before,” said Dr. Sharon. “We have to buy every item individually, and sometimes at different stores for one moment of intimacy. That can be embarrassing for many people, and sometimes just the effort can dampen the mood.” Love on the Go has prepackaged intimacy items making it easy, convenient, and discreet. These kits include all-natural products, trusted brands, and eco-friendly packaging. “I know how important intimacy is, and Love on the Go makes it easy for you to get to that place.”

“Not only did I want the kits to be convenient, I wanted them to be designed with care.” Dr. Sharon’s as a family and couple therapist is seen in the “Up all Night” kit. Inside the discreet black packaging is a set of sexy playtime cards that Dr. Sharon personally wrote. “I’ve seen sexy cards before, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. This lead me to write my own set of cards, to ensure they were perfect.” Another distinguishing item in the kit is the 100% Natural Watermelon Massage Oil. “Scent is often the most over looked sense when working with intimacy. I chose watermelon because of its fresh lively scent, and it’s kissable!” said Dr. Sharon. “I also included silk rose pedals, and even a blind fold, to make sure a couple would have everything they needed for an intimate night.”

Hot in Here is a second kit, that was created for a simpler, but just as intimate night with your partner,” said Dr. Sharon. Highlighted in the “Hot in Here” kit is the natural personal lubricant. “I wanted a lubricant that would allow you to focus on the connection with your partner, without the worry of harsh chemicals being in the last place you want them to be,” said Dr. Sharon.

“My dream for Love of the Go is to allow couples to get back to a place of deeper love and connection with each other,” said Dr. Sharon. Love on the Go collection is just one of the many brands within Products on the Go® that is passionate about making people’s lives happier, and easier. 


Stressed Life on the Go: Overworked and Underloved

intimacy sets

Dr. Sharon Buchalter, CEO and Founder of Products on the Go®, has made it her life’s work to bring more happiness and less stress to people’s lives. This week Products on the Go dives into the issues of busy lives, and what effect these issues can have on intimacy.

We hear it all the time “Americans are always stressed and overworked,” but do you ever stop to realize how true this statement is? In a study conducted by the Earth Institute at Columbia University they found Americans are more stressed and more unhappy than our counterparts in other countries. What’s more, Americans are also fatter and sicker than people in any of the other first world countries. It may be hard to believe this is. Think about it we have any information at our finger tips, we can travel the world in a moment’s notice, and everything is made to be quick and easy. However, the heartbreaking reality is stress is all around us, and it has a very real impact on the most important part of our lives.

This enormous amount of stress and unwanted illness placed on us has damaging effects in every part of our lives. You might not realize it, but one area that can really suffer is intimacy with our partners. With daily pressures, you might go through an entire day and realize you haven’t looked your partner in the eyes once. Intimacy is vital in maintaining a healthy relationship. In a Psychology Today article Dr. Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness or Intimacy, wrote “without [intimacy], your ability to take on the world can be greatly compromised.” Intimacy has the power to significantly change the way we think, and feel. Intimacy doesn’t just mean heading to the bedroom with your partner either, it is connecting with the one you love on a deeper level than solely physical. The greatest intimate moments usually aren’t the ones in the bedroom. It’s the ones outside of it, like watching the sunset with your partner’s arms wrapped around your waist.

If stress has caused a lack of intimacy in your relationship, it can seem difficult to get back to that understanding and safe place. Building intimacy doesn’t need to be some grand gesture. It can simply mean kissing your partner before they head out the door to work, or holding their hand while walking through the grocery store. Intimacy also involves being kind, and generous to your loved one. Opening the car door, or picking up their favorite beer for you both to share while sitting on the patio are wonderful actions that build intimacy. Little expressions of love, and caring go a long way in bringing intimacy back into your relationship.

Don’t let stress steal one more day of your relationship. In a quote from Professor Brene Brown, who has done TED Talks on vulnerability, “connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” So take a moment to hug your partner and tell them your favorites things about them, and take the first steps in rebuilding that connection. Intimacy is powerful, bring it back into your relationship and kick stress out.


Poop Happens: Perfect the Art of Diaper Changing


Let’s face it; poop does happen. For moms and dads on the go, Products on the Go has you covered with our eco-friendly disposable diaper changing kit called Poop Happens. Try these mom and dad-tested diaper changing tips to get you started.

Take the time to prepare
Minimize the time you and your baby will be uncomfortable by keeping Products on the Go’s eco-friendly Poop Happens diaper changing kit handy. Luckily, the experts at Products on the Go designed Poop Happens with everything you need: 1 natural Bamboo baby diaper, 2 natural diaper rash cream sachets, 10 Bamboo natural baby wipes packet, 1 biodegradable hand sanitizing wipe, 1 disposable diaper changing pad.

Always wash and dry and your hands or use the included biodegradable hand sanitizing wipe.

Safety Tip* When changing your baby’s diaper on an elevated surface can be a little dangerous. Always keep one hand on your precious baby at all times. If you are using a diaper changing table, remember to use the strap to secure your baby. Never leave your baby unattended when changing a diaper.

1)    Open the cute disposable diaper changing pad and open natural Bamboo baby diaper and place the back half underneath your baby. You will know if you are doing it right because the back half should come up to your baby’s waist. Let the clean diaper go because the disposable diaper pad and the diaper protect the actual surface. (Pro Tip: Sometimes your baby’s diaper is a huge mess, and using our disposable pads come in handy)

2)    Unfasten the diaper tabs on the soiled diaper. (Pro Tip: To stop the tabs from sticking to your fingers, fold them over.)

3)    Now pull down the front half of the soiled diaper. (Pro Tip: If you are changing the diaper of a baby boy you might want to consider covering his manhood with a clean cloth or the Poop Happens bag so he doesn’t pee all over you.)

Pro Tip: If there’s poop in the diaper, utilize the front half of the diaper to wipe most of it off your baby’s bum and then use the included Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet.

4)    Next, fold the soiled diaper in half under your baby, clean side up. (Pro Tip: This provides an extra layer of protection between the clean diaper and your baby’s unclean bum.) Gently lift your baby’s bum off the table by grasping their ankles with one hand and lift upward.

5)    Always clean your baby’s front with the included Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet or a clean cloth. (Pro Tip: If you have a girl always clean front to back towards her bum to keep the bacteria from causing an infection.)

6)    If your baby pooped, grab another Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet and clean her bottom. (Pro Tip: You have two options you can lift her legs or gently roll her to one side then the other. Always clean the creases of your baby’s buttocks and thighs too.)

7)     It is always best to let your baby’s skin air dry and then pat it dry. To prevent diaper rash, use the Products on the Go Natural Diaper Rash Cream. (Pro Tip: It is always best to make sure your baby has a dry bottom. This is the best way to prevent diaper rash.)

8)    Remove the dirty diaper and place it to the side. Hopefully, you followed step 1, and the clean Products on the Go diaper should be underneath your baby.

9)    Gently pull the front half of the Biodegradable Bamboo diaper. (Pro Tip: Make sure his manhood is pointing down that way you won’t get peed on. Make sure the diaper between your baby’s legs is spread wide. You don’t want the diapers to bunch because that causes discomfort and chaffing.)

10)    Fasten the diaper on both sides with the tabs. You want the diaper snug but not too tight. (Pro Tip: Always look to verify that the tabs are not sticking to your baby’s skin.)

11)    Dress your baby and wash your hands or use the alcohol wipe. Since we use Bamboo in our diapers, baby wipes and hand sanitizing wipes it is easy to dispose of in the garbage.

At Products on the Go, we focus on easing the stress of everyday life and changing diapers can be stressful. Poop Happens and Poop Happens Swimmy is available in sizes small, medium, and large. Visit Products on the Go to learn more about our complete line of natural products.