Love on the Go features an innovative way to help bring intimacy into couples lives. As a distinguished clinical psychologist, Dr. Sharon saw over time that many couples struggle with intimacy in their relationship. “I saw a real need in my patient’s lives, and I wanted to come up with a creative and convenient way to help them bring intimacy and happiness back into their relationships,” Dr. Sharon. This passion and care for others lead her to create the Love on the Go kits for on-demand intimacy and all of the products in the Products on the Go® line.

“We’ve all been there before,” said Dr. Sharon. “We have to buy every item individually, and sometimes at different stores for one moment of intimacy. That can be embarrassing for many people, and sometimes just the effort can dampen the mood.” Love on the Go has prepackaged intimacy items making it easy, convenient, and discreet. These kits include all-natural products, trusted brands, and eco-friendly packaging. “I know how important intimacy is, and Love on the Go makes it easy for you to get to that place.”

“Not only did I want the kits to be convenient, but I also wanted them to be designed with care.” Dr. Sharon’s as a family and couple therapist is seen in the “Up All Night” kit. Inside the discreet black packaging is a set of sexy playtime cards that Dr. Sharon personally wrote. “I’ve seen sexy cards before, but none of them was exactly what I was looking for. This leads me to write my own set of cards, to ensure they were perfect.” Another distinguishing item in the kit is the 100% Natural Watermelon Massage Oil. “Scent is often the most overlooked sense when working with intimacy. I chose watermelon because of its fresh lively scent, and it’s kissable!” said Dr. Sharon. “I also included silk rose petals, and even a blindfold, to make sure a couple would have everything they needed for an intimate night.”

Hot in Here is a second kit, that was created for a simpler, but just as intimate night with your partner,” said Dr. Sharon. Highlighted in the “Hot in Here” kit is the natural personal lubricant. “I wanted a lubricant that would allow you to focus on the connection with your partner, without the worry of harsh chemicals being in the last place you want them to be,” said Dr. Sharon.

“My dream for Love of the Go is to allow couples to get back to a place of deeper love and connection with each other,” said Dr. Sharon. Love on the Go collection is just one of the many brands within Products on the Go® that is passionate about making people’s lives happier, and easier.