Groundbreaking New Natural And Earth-Friendly Brand Aims To Simplify Life With Products on the Go

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Sept. 14, 2016 — Announcing the launch of Products on the Go, a groundbreaking line of lifestyle products for the health and environmentally conscious person on the go. Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter, Clinical Psychologist as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Products on the Go, was inspired to create a brand of all-natural and sustainably sourced product lines through her work with clients stressed by the pressures of living in the fast-paced digital age. She created five lines of pre-package sets such as Little Toes on the Go – all-natural pre-packaged bamboo diaper changing kits -eliminating the hassle and reducing the stress related to shopping for and purchasing all the individual items. As well as trend inspiring stand-alone products such as Sun N Fun – a line of all-natural shimmering sun care products for tweens and teens called Sun Potion Princess and Sun Bomb Action. Parents love it because of the SPF 30+ broad-spectrum protection and kids love to wear it because of the sparkles and shimmer.

Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter, Clinical Psychologist as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Products on the Go.

Other Products on the Go collections Include:

  • Sunshine on the Go – natural and eco-friendly sun care products kits, thoughtfully packaged in grab-and-go sets for wherever you are on the go
  • Girl Power on the Go – sets of cosmetics and skincare for tween and teen girls, complete with natural eco-friendly ingredients and plenty of sparkle
  • First Class Experience on the Go – all-natural and earth-friendly travel accessories, thoughtfully packaged for stress-free travel
  • Love on the Go – discreetly packaged intimacy sets with everything you need when the mood strikes
  • Life On The Go – an affordable line of basic sets and bulk bamboo diaper packages for tighter budgets and bulk ordering needs

“People lead very busy lives, whether it’s on vacation or day-to-day,” said Dr. Sharon Buchalter. “In my practice, I saw so many people stressed out, I really wanted to find a natural and quality solution. We want you to have more time in the day to enjoy the simple, pleasurable things in life that bring happiness.”

In addition to being sustainable and committed to using natural materials to make all of their products, a portion of every sale of Products on the Go is donated to Rescue Mission Unlimited, a Florida non-profit that helps children and families in crisis.